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A new version of the PrivacyStar app is coming at the end of Jan.  All users will need to download the new version when available.

For any users currently utilizing PrivacyStar voicemail, two additional actions are required.

1. Users wishing to have continued access to any voicemails in the PrivacyStar app will need to save those voicemails outside of the app before downloading.  PrivacyStar voicemails will no longer be available once the new PrivacyStar version is downloaded.  Please be prepared to utilize your carrier provided voicemail once the new version is downloaded.

2. Immediately before downloading the new version, users will need to deactivate call forwarding in the PrivacyStar app.


Downloading Voicemails

  1. To Download a Voicemail, navigate to the Voicemail Tab. Screen_Shot_2023-01-10_at_10.45.16_AM.png
  2. Select a voicemail record you would like to download.
  3. Select the Export icon option displayed on the expanded menu. Screen_Shot_2023-01-10_at_10.46.46_AM.png
  4. From here, you see several potential ways to save the file depending on your device settingsScreen_Shot_2023-01-10_at_10.49.08_AM.png

Disabling Call Forwarding

  1. To disable Call Forwarding, navigate to the Settings Tab. Screen_Shot_2023-01-10_at_11.01.34_AM.png
  2. From the Main Settings tab, select Deactivate Call Forwarding.    
  3. Confirm you would like to disable call forwarding by selecting Deactivate.
  4. Place a call to the number presented and wait to hear a dial tone. 
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