Visual Voicemail

PrivacyStar iOS Support -

The voicemail tab displays all voicemails received since registering and activating PrivacyStar.

How Voicemails are Sorted

New voicemails will be displayed at the top of the list in a ‘NEW’ section and older voicemails will be displayed in the ‘EARLIER’ section.

Search Voicemails

Search your voicemails by tapping in the ‘Search box’ and entering a name, category, or phone number.

  • Result will filter as you enter text

Selecting a Voicemail

Tapping a voicemail in the list will expand the record to display additional information and options:

  • Caller Name or Category (if available)
  • Phone Number
  • Play/Pause to listen to Voicemail audio
  • Select audio output (Earpiece or phone speaker)
  • Delete voicemail
  • Share/download voicemail
  • Information – to display additional options
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